I love peonies, those flowers which disappear with the cold weather and come back every spring, it has become a metaphor of my life.

Blossom translates as florecer in Spanish, which sums up exactly what happened to me 3 years ago when I had brain surgery and went from being independent to being dependent on others. The darkness that overwhelms you when something like this happens is oppressive, your whole world turns on it’s head.

I have learnt to know and discover a new version of myself. I turned a difficult situation around and made it into an opportunity. I had to learn how to stand and walk. I have learnt to see things for second time like it was the first time, like a small child peering out at the world. It was for this reason that I chose to redirect my professional career to the children’s sector. Every minute is new: to caress a dog´s soft fur, observe a snail or stomp through puddles in the rain. I’ve always had a link with the fashion world and through my reinvention the world of jewellery has attracted me along the way.

It’s through this new adventure that I would like to introduce you to a newborn and girls earrings collection, made of precious metals which are transformed in delicate pieces.

If there is something that experience has taught me it’s to value the small things, life’s jewels.

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